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rv interiors & furnishings

“We had a new A/V system installed with an iPod holder and the work done by your staff to custom match the existing wood was exemplary. Bob Vinson was gracious and helpful in making this happen.”

Jeanne & Hillel Katzowicz
Pahrump, NV

RV Televisions, Satellite Dishes, and Antennas

eugene_oregon_rv_satellite_dish_television_installation.jpgRV Television Installations and Upgrades

Want the latest and greatest in electronics? You can have it, and then some. Want to watch the latest movie or game while you're on the road? Create a home theater system in your RV where your friends will want to come and watch from the comfort of your driveway.

RV Television Size

The size of your TV is often dictated by the available space in your RV. Many RV's have conventional pre-established TV display stations and mounts that come stock with the initial purchase of your RV. If you choose to stay within this framework your TV options are often limited by the RV manufacturers size and weight constraints. Custom TV installations are one of the most common services requested by our clients at Oregon Motorcoach Center. When it comes to custom TV installations, the possibilities are endless.

Converting from outdated CRT 'tube' TV's is the most obvious upgrade in older RV models; this improves the TV quality while also saving space by changing to flat screen LED, or LCD TV's. These newer model TV's are also much better equipped to handle any vibration or severe jarring that occur while traveling in your RV.

At Oregon Motorcoach Center we've installed flat screen TV's as small as 20" and as large as 48". You can have TV's installed in various zones of your cabin for quick viewing or to watch multiple shows at one time. We can install a full surround sound entertainment TV system so you can enjoy movie night with the family. We can install your TV behind closing cabinetry to stash it away when you're not watching, or even create automated retracting systems to hide your TV behind a couch. Call OMC today to dream up your new TV configuration.

RV Television Reception: Antennas, Satellite Dish Systems & Receivers

Many RV televisions come with a built in receiver to tune into over-the-air television services, but reception is often limited and the quality is poor. RV owners often opt to install a stronger antenna or satellite dish for better reception. Oregon Motorcoach Center has years of experience installing RV antennas and satellite dish systems for improved digital television viewing enjoyment. In addition to mounting your antenna or dish, OMC can also assist in installing your digital receiver and wiring your system to maintain aesthetic appeal while assuring ease of access. Contact us to today to explore the digital television system that is ideal for your needs.

RV Television Antennas

You can install a stronger antenna in your RV to receive over-the-air VHF and UHF digital television broadcasts. There are many TV antenna options available for your RV from smaller indoor models to larger roof mounted antennas. Roof mounted RV antennas require height considerations for safe clearance when driving through trees and other low hanging obstacles. Top end RV antennas are automated to retract at the push of a button for easy clearance and less wind resistance.

RV Satellite Dish Systems and Receivers

High definition (HD) satellite dish systems are the ultimate solution in television entertainment for your RV. Satellite Dish systems require a monthly service fee with an established digital provider.

Installing & Mounting Your Digital Satellite System

There are numerous satellites dishes and mounting systems to choose from depending on how much your are willing to invest. There are in-motion and stationary satellite dish systems specially designed for RV's that provide variable signal qualities. The less expensive satellite dish systems require manual adjustments to receive the signal once you've parked your RV. Unfortunately, these lower end dish systems won't provide a signal while you are traveling. There are more sophisticated automated satellite dish systems designed to adjust while your in motion so that you can receive a continuous television signal while you are on the highway. There are numerous things to consider when installing your RV's satellite dish system. Most importantly, there are height considerations, in addition to range of rotation specs for the automated dish systems. How do you want to use your satellite dish system? In-motion or only when parked? Is HD signal important? What service provider do you want to use? Contact OMC to explore your options today.

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