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rv exteriors & awnings

RV Awning Installation & Upgrades

eugene_oregon_rv_awning_repair_replacement.jpgAwnings are an essential part of every RV. Extending your awning is like planting a flag for the night or week or however long you wish to enjoy your new locale. Sitting under the shade of your RV awning is a stament that you have arrived and earned the right to put your feet up. Having an awning is like adding an extra room to your RV. More often that not, your RV awning is your primary source of shelter as you enjoy the wide open spaces and beautiful view from the comfort of your lawn chair with the barbeque cooking beside you. A broken or ineffective RV awning can certainly put a damper (no pun intended) on your great escape.

Whether manual or automatic, Oregon Motorcoach Center can address any of your RV's awning needs. Whether a simple repair, a full awning replacement, or a state of the art upgrade our RV service technicians have the awning solution you seek. With multiple automatic features to choose from you can even leave your RV on a windy day.



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