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rv repair & maintenance

“We started out with a leak on one of our slides (we have been fighting this leak for over 3 years and going from repair shop to repair shop to no avail). Technician Tom Holland found several leaks we didn’t know about. There was quite a bit of water in the walls and floors of all three of our slides. Luckily the leaks were caught before the mold and mildew started. Three days later we rolled out good as new. There were no band-aids, we were fixed! Like we said we were very impressed.”

Paul & Kathie Carlson
Emery, SD

RV Seal Inspection & Repair: slide outs, roofs, windows & more

eugene-oregon-motorcoach-seal-repair.jpgRepair that water leak before the damage spreads

Water leaks are one of the most common RV problems we solve at Oregon Motorcoach Center. Whether its' your slide out, roof sealants, windows seals, or hardware gaskets, we've got the solution for you.

Routine Yearly RV Seal Inspections

Prevention is always the best solution. It's much more affordable to repair a broken seal, or replace a window gasket, than it is to replace a water damaged floor, a rusted out side panel, or spend endless hours replacing ceiling panels. Contact us today to schedule your RV for its annual seal inspection.

Protect your RV's Interior from the Elements

In dryer climates, wind can blow dust, dirt and grime deeper into your vehicle, setting the stage for future mechanical problems. Palm Springs & Arizona are beautiful places to visit, but you don't want to have to dust out your RV's interior every time you set up 'home' for the night.

RV Slide Outs & Seal Maintenance

The introduction of slideouts revolutionized the RV industry with increased livability and floorplan designs, but that extra space means little when you're still exposed to the elements. Yearly inspection, maintenance and timely repair are essential to maintining the comfort and functionality of your home on wheels. At OMC we inspect all seals and hardware to make sure your RV slideouts are working properly and bringing you the comfort you deserve.

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