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“The individuals who worked on our coach did an excellent job replacing a faulty refrigerator for a new residential refrigerator. We appreciated the time and effort that went into custom designing a base for the new refrigerator to make it look like it was an original part of the RV. We appreciate the proffesional job done by Brian Johnson.”

Jeanne & Hillel Katzowicz
Pahrump, NV

RV Appliances: Stoves, Ovens, Refrigerators and more

eugene_oregon_rv_appliance_oven_stove.jpgRV living is a lifestyle unto itself. When it comes to cooking in your RV there are many things to consider. Due to the smaller living quarters in an RV, stock stoves, ovens and refrigerators are much smaller than your typical household appliances. Depending on the size of your particular RV, stoves are often only two burner, and the RV might not even come with an oven at all. Depending on how often you use your RV, how large your family is (how big the meals are that you intend to prepare), or any number of other needs, you may find it necessary to upgrade your kitchen appliances or even convert your RV cooktop and/or oven to electricity. Furthermore, after much use, you may occasionally need your stove, oven, or refrigerator repaired or replaced.

RV Stoves, Ovens and Microwaves

Propane Cooktops and Ranges

eugene_oregon_rv_sove_appliance_upgrade.jpgWhen it comes to upgrading your propane stove there are a variety of cooktops and ranges to choose from. Common reasons for upgrading your stove are simply a matter of requiring more cooking area, or that some stove tops are easier to clean and maintain. Quite frankly, some RV stove brands simply perform better than others. There are numerous makes and models of stoves available, anywhere from two to four burner ranges, and stove top accessories like two burner grills for larger meals.

RV Ovens and Microwaves

When it comes to RV ovens it's really a matter of preference. Some RV's come with stock ovens while other don't. At OMC we've installed ovens by redesigning the existing cabinetry, and removed ovens to create more storage space. We've even replaced ovens with dishwashers. Microwave ovens are often the easiest solution for preparing smaller meals or quick meals. There are also microwave convection oven combos that may be the ideal solution for your cooking needs while also saving space. RV ovens are truly a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. At OMC our service technicians are here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams whether a full custom retrofitting, or a simple appliance upgrade.


RV Refrigerators and Freezers

eugene_oregon_rv_refrigerator_appliance.jpgAs with most stock RV kitchen appliances, size matters, especially when it comes to your refrigerator. Changing the RV refrigerator is one of the most common upgrades to a typical RV kitchen. Let's face it, a couple bottles of condiments, some lunch meat, a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, some eggs, a six pack and you've filled that small refrigerator to capacity. That's not enough to feed the family for a week, and you don't want to be navigating your RV through the grocery market parking lot every other day. Eventually, you'll realize how much time and gas you'll save with a larger refrigerator, and you'll have more fun too. At OMC our in-house cabinet shop and electrical service technicians can install any refrigerator unit you desire. Want a freezer to ice your daily catch from the lake? How about a wine cooler, or humidor for your cigars. You name it, OMC can do it.

RV Refrigerator Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

When traveling to a remote location your RV refrigerator is one item you want functioning properly. No one wants to arrive at their ideal camp spot 24 hours down the road only to find your perishables have perished. Inefficient refrigeration can also put greater draw on your power supply by working harder to maintain optimal cooling of your food. In addition to keeping your food fresh and cold, there are also serious safety considerations when it comes to assuring your refrigerator is operating optimally. Yearly inspections are highly advised to maintain the overall functionality and life span of your refrigerator.

Routine maintenance is necessary to assure optimal performance of your refrigerator. Checking your refrigerator seals for leaks and air flow will help assure efficient cooling. Most RV refrigerators operate on propane. You want to assure the refrigerator's pilot light is operating optimally by cleaning the burner assembly, flue and baffle of any carbon, soot, rust, or dust. An LP gas pressure test is also recommended for your propane refrigerators. Also check that all ventilation is clear of, leaves, birds nests, and spider webs. In addition to assuring optimal functionality, routine inspections addresses numerous fire safety concerns common to RV refrigerators. Refrigerator cooling units and coils need to be inspected for leaks which would require immediate replacement. Wiring and circuitry should always be inspected for electric powered refrigerators.

RV Appliances & More

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