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RV Motor Service

With our professional relationship with the top vendors/service centers we can keep you and your RV running smoothly. Not in our area, no worries, we can direct/guide you to the closest RV service facility.

rv repair & maintenance

RV Chassis Service, Mechanical Inspection & Repair

eugene-oregon-motorcoach-chassis-service.jpgThe chassis is the backbone of every RV. It is the framework that not only supports the body of your RV, but also houses the primary mechanics of your recreation vehicle, including everything from the motor itself, to the transmission and drive train, down to the wheels, axles, suspension, fuel & exhaust seytems, and electrical wiring. RV chassis service and inspection includes everthing from a minor tune up, to complete upgrades to your suspension or cooling systems, and so much more.

Routine Chassis Inspections & Service Will Maintain Your RV's Reliability

With our state-of-the-art tools, such as our Hetra Lifts, and experienced RV specialists, we have the ability to service all of your RV chassis needs. From the routine LOF (lube, oil & filter), updating shocks, to radiator replacements, we can get you in and out quickly.

Whether you are purchasing a new or used RV, or finally getting the motor home out of storage for the family reunion, let the team of OMC chassis service technicians make sure that your next trip goes smoothly and safely. Routine chassis maintenance is the best way to keep your RV on the road, and if you do run into more significant mechanical problems OMC has the solution to get your RV back out on the highway where it's supposed to be.

RV Safety & Handling: Steering & Stability

RV's are built for comfort, but your safety is our primary concern at Oregon Motorcoach Center. Is your RV or trailer riding a little rough? Do you feel a shimmy or vibration in your steering wheel? Are your breaks starting to squeal or feel mushy? Is your RV listing a too much on curvy roads? Do heavy winds effect your control? These issues not only put the safety of you and your loved ones at risk, but also everyone else on the highway with you. Let our diagnostic tools assess the safety and drivabilty of your RV. Steering, handling, and stabilty are essential to keeping you safely between the white lines.

Your RV Should Be a Pleasure to Drive

In addition to chassis maintenance and repair, there are upgrades that will increase the overall driving experience of your RV. Call us for an appointment today.

RV Chassis Types

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