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RV Power: Batteries, Generators , and Wiring

Power is the name of the game when it comes to enjoying all of the amenities your RV has to offer. The beauty of a recreational vehicle is that you can explore the wide open countryside without giving up the comforts of home. We're not talking about pitching a tent here, and cooking up a can of spam on your bunsen burner. With your RV you can park in the shade of the Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona and cook a five course meal on the same stove you would have at home, with Mozart  playing on your home entertainment system,  and the family playing cards in the controlled climate provided by the simple push of a button on your air conditioner.  Now that's power! 

Where is all that power coming from? Are you on the grid or off the grid?

If you are in an RV park, more than likely you have plugged your RV into an AC power source -  you are on the grid. But what happens when you are dry camping?

RV Batteries

The mobile nature of rv's rely on a solid and dependable source of battery power to not only support typical vehicular operations but additional non engine systems like lighting, slide outs, water pumps & waste disposal, air conditioning, electronic and kitchen appliances and so much more. Typical automotive batteries simply won't provide the power your RV demands. There are many batteries available depending on the particular needs and living amenities off your RV. Oregon Motorcoach Center can help you with any battery power solution you seek, whether it's a battery replacement, upgrade or battery charging options.


RV Generators

RV generators provide a convenient solution to all of the power needs of your recreational vehicle. When you are truly dry camping, an RV generator is a fantastic source of dependable external power. There are many options to choose from whether gasoline, diesel or LPG powered. RV generators come in numerous shapes and sizes each to meet your particular need. Not only can you run all of your RV appliances from a generator but you can recharge your RV’s battery power sources at the same time.

RV Inverters

This simple mechanisim transforms the DC current from your battery into an AC current that your home appliances typacally operate on. Oregon Motorcoach Center can inspect your inverters function and settings so they are operating optimally, and repair or replace them as needed.

In addition to addressing your the power needs of your RV, with over 400+ combined years of RV experience, OMC can troubleshoot your RV wiring issues at our shop or over the phone.



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