RV Air Conditioner and Furnace repair and replacement

The beauty of traveling in your RV is that it provides the basic necessities of warmth and shelter regardless of the environment you're in. Whether your RV is traveling through Arizona or Alaska climate control is the name of the game. Oregon Motorcoach Center has all of the skills and solutions to address your air conditioning units, hydronic heating, forced air systems, and furnaces. Whether you want an upgrade, or need service or repair to your air conditioning systems we can address all your needs. Routine maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace is essential to maintaining optimal efficiency and your personal comfort. 

RV Air Conditioners

The most common complaint about RV air conditioners is that they may fail to cool your environment to the desired climate. This may be a result of various factors. Occasionally stock air conditioners simply may not be up to the task of cooling a large RV in particularly hot climates. Other circumstances can limit your A/C's performance like poor seals within the RV itself, around widows and doors, or generator fluctuations and power issues may also account for poor climate control. Frequent closing and opening of doors alone can also greatly diminish your air conditioners capacity. If you intend to spend a lot of time in southern locales you may simply need to upgrade your air conditioning unit, or add a second. More often that not, air conditioner cooling issues are a matter of simple maintenance.

Roof Mounted Air Conditioners and Ducting

Ducted discharge air conditioners allow for finer climate control with targeted areas throughout the interior of your RV with separate thermostats for each area. This allows for more even cooling throughout your RV and even allows for different temperatures in enclosed areas.

Direct Discharge Air Conditioners:

These units force the air directly out of the unit itself, similar to window mounted residential A/C's and 'swamp coolers'. Climate control with direct discharge air conditioners is limited and less subtle. Forced air from these A/C's is much like a small wind blowing through your RV. Where ducted air conditioners allow for more climate control throughout your RV, direct discharge air conditioners are often more efficient as they don't have to force air through a duct system.

At OMC we can perform routine inspections of your air conditioning unit and provide any service necessary:

  • air conditioner upgrades with remote climate control
  • air conditioner vent cleaning and register replacement
  • air conditioner thermostat replacement
  • dual unit thermostat installation for both ac and furnace

Air Conditioner Maintenance:

  • A/C filter replacement
  • A/C amperage checks and adjustment
  • A/C evaporator cleaning
  • A/C condenser fin cleaning and adjustment
  • A/C shroud assessment, replacement or replacement
  • A/C voltage checks and power cord replacement
  • A/C gasket inspection and replacement
  • A/C condenser coil cleaning and inspection

RV Furnaces

Furnaces are your RV's primary source of heat for cooler climates. There are many options to choose from when purchasing or upgrading your RV's furnace. There are also technical considerations like the cubic footage of your RV and the BTU's generated by your furnace. Just like your RV's air conditioner there are many additional features you may want to consider for your furnace. There are direct discharge furnace and forced air furnaces. They can share the same ducting, and thermostat as your air conditioner, and even come with remote controls for ease of use. Contact Oregon Motorcoach Center to learn more about the full range of of furnace and air conditioning options to give you full  climate control of your RV regardless of your locale.

Typical RV Furnace troubleshooting and maintenance:

  • furnace pilot light ignition replacement
  • propane furnace valve cleaning and repair
  • propane tank inspection and regulator repair or replacement
  • furnace fan fuse replacement